Thursday, 8 August 2013

Chicken at Trafalgar Sq?

Londoner... anyone... anyone at all...
Can someone please tell me why there's a giant blue chicken statue at Trafalgar Square?!!
It's so weird.... I guess it's art, and I'm not much of an art expert so I cannot criticize.
But still... it's soooo weird (O___O)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Online Shopping Therapy: River Island

Ok... don't panic. DON'T PANIC. Calm down. It's only a few words? How scary can words be, right? I mean, I literally type type and type on my laptop everyday already...

My supervisor keeps comforting me, "Just think of it as just another homework, another assignment." Yes, he's true. Although dissertation is somewhat like another assignment, but 15,000 words just seems like the Himalayan Mountain to me who has no experience whatsoever with researching.

So, I took a few hours off from reading journals after journals (that my eyes now hurt badly) and did some online shopping. Well, because River Island e-mailed me saying there's a 70% discount online, who can refuse to that, right?

Ordered it only two days ago and now my River Island package is safe and sound in my room. Hoorey!!

“I love new clothes. 
If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, 
I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” 
― Sophie KinsellaConfessions of a Shopaholic

Now back to dissertation.... (T____T) 

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Same possessions as Key (SHINee)

I never was a fan of this now-very-totally-famous Korean boyband SHINee.

Not until recently... it all began last month I think when I finished all my masters course. I had a few weeks off before beginning my dissertation. With absolutely nothing to do, I browsed Youtube for interesting videos then I came upon  SHINee One Fine Day tv show.

The show is about the five members being allowed to go on a 3 night and 4 day trip to wherever they want, they had to plan the whole trip themselves. Being Korean idol, they never went abroad without their staffs and manager before. So this was their first time ever to arrange everything from buying tickets, money exchange to planning their day. It seemed fun and the nice Youtube uploader subbed the video in English so I began watching it. Thank you to the subbers : airyarielle0718 & PlumDropSubs.

I was completely hooked and mesmerized by their individual characteristics and charm. I never would have imagined them to have these personalities. It was very fun to watch and I slept about 4 a.m. everyday because I couldn't tell myself to stop and go to bed.

Surprisingly, I found that I own two similar items with Key, one of the members.

1. Mary Lou's fox ring.
This surprised me because its a Thai brand and it's handmade. Key must have got it when he went to Thailand to promote their albums or maybe some Thai fan sent it to him.

2. Cheap Monday Black Oxford Shoe/Spring2013 Collection.
Key bought this while he was in London shooting this One Fine Day program.

What a nice coincidence. I guess we have the same tastes!! =D

After watching every episodes of the show, I think I turned into a SHINee fan completely. And I start searching for more videos of them to watch. Now I'm completely hooked with Taemin on We Got Married. It's a reality show where they bring two celebrities (singer/actor/MC whatever) together and have them portray a married life. I am so in love with this guy, seriously Taemin is so charming.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Slow life in Bath

Have you ever heard of the Slow Food Movement?
It's an international movement started by an Italian guy called Carlo Petrini in 1986.
They aim to support better way to eat...

"In the fast modern junk food environment, 
Slow Food is the voice of calm, reason and quality. 
We work to promote the greater enjoyment of food 
through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production."

Anyway, today is not about that but quite similar. Having lived in Bath (UK) for several months already, and sometimes going back and forth to London, makes me realize just how much relaxing Bath really is. 

Upon arriving in London, I always feel I have to walk as fast as I can or else the person behind me will get mad. Always have to walk up and down the stairs from one tube station to another. Life is always rushing and passing by quickly when in London...

When time comes to catch a train from Paddington Station back to Bath, I feel as if I'm going on a getaway, to a calm, relaxing and beautiful city. "Home sweet home". Everything is on its own pace, you can walk as slow as you like and no one will look at you angrily. Everyone takes their time. 

Life in Bath is simple and quite down to earth. Old people walk hand-in-hand, teenagers have picnic at the park, families get together in city center, people walking their dogs, people jogging, tourists taking photos, couples walk along the canal... Everywhere in Bath is picturesque. 

I never thought I would love it here this much. 
No wonder it is the World Heritage City, clearly deserves the title!